Top Wedding Photos of 2017 – from PetaPixel

The International Wedding Photographer of the Year (IWPOTY) competition has just announced the winning photos for 2017….

…Photographer Francesco Gravina of Italy won first place for best Album (you can view the entire album here).

The story of Giulia and Amitai – crossing borders and traditions to create the perfect wedding. She left Italy to find herself, he left Israel to discover the world. They found each other and then themselves – engaged in Amsterdam, settled in Barcelona and married in Sardinia. With the heart on their sleeve, their free spirits and the unbelievable deep connection they created in one day with the photographer, they opened up their most intimate moments before and during their once in a lifetime experience. With their family and friends from all over the world, they gathered on the beach where the sky outlined the ocean and showed that love has no boundaries or no borders. Creating their own traditions and the start of a life that they both always dreamed of – they gave each other their yes and embarked on a journey of love, dreams and happiness…

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