Polina and Tobias

Intimate Wedding Puglia

We met each other when we were 16 years old, but it wasn’t meant to be a high-school sweetheart story. Fast forward several years, we are in a long-distance relationship between England and Switzerland and knew that this time, it was going to last. 11 years of friendship, 6 years of dating, 1 year of being engaged and married since September 2022.

Just like us booking Masseria Montenpoleone while we were between wine tastings in Piemonte, our wedding was a beautiful chaos. We celebrated in a small circle with our family and closest friends and of course our dog, Asya, who is featured in many memories captured by the talented Francesco. 

Our three-day wedding was by far the best weekend of our lives! We knew how unique it was because it isn’t every year that you can gather everyone important in one place. Thank you, Francesco for being part of our weekend and capturing the emotions, people and experiences our guests and us had throughout the three days in Apulia.

Location/ Venue:
Masseria Montenapoleone
Sergio Eblo
Second Shooter:
Edoardo Morina
Wedding Italian
Destination Photographer