Camille and Philipp

Destination Wedding in Apulia

We are a German couple currently living in Frankfurt, where we got to know each other while working together. After Camille left the job, we started dating and fell in love with each other. We knew pretty fast that we are soulmates and want to be together for the rest of our lives. We love that we are both very positive and open-minded, share the same values and love life to the fullest.

In 2021 we were on vacation in Puglia and stayed at Masseria Montenapoleone, which was recommend by Philipp’s best friend Laura. Camille instantly fell in love with the place stating that it‘s the most beautiful place on earth. She didn’t know that Philipp had planned to propose on the next day and he surprised Camille in the magical environment of the Masseria’s vineyard during sunset. It was an unfortgettable moment we will always remember and have in our hearts. We right away decided that the Masseria is the perfect location to celebrate our love with all our friends.

Our destination wedding took place at Masseria Montenapoleone on the weekend of May 7, 2022 and it was just phenomenal to celebrate our love in this special atmosphere. It was an unbelievable experience we will always look back to.
Francesco accompanied the whole wedding day as a photographer and we adore the pictures so much. He captured Camille getting her make-up with her girls, Philipp having drinks with his boys, the ceremony at the old olive trees and of course the delicious dinner with our loved appetizer and ice cream stands. After the live-band and the first dance to Beyoncé’s Halo, we had the most amazing rave with our friends and celebrated with crazy electronic music. An unforgettable night and the best party we have ever had. There is only one experience in our life that we are more thankful for than our wedding weeking – the birth of our daughter in September 2022… she was actually attending the wedding as well… in Camille’s belly. 🙂

We and our friends will never forget these amazing three days in Puglia and we will always remember these beautiful moments full of love.

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